Mewing Planning Consultants welcomes Frances Cassaniti

Mewing Planning Consultants is excited to welcome Frances Cassaniti to our team.

Frances joins the team as a highly qualified Senior Planner.

With professional expertise across a wide range of planning work, including development projects, strategic planning, due diligence advice and court appeals, Frances adds to the breadth of experience and balanced planning approach that allows Mewing Planning Consultants to provide strong contributions to all projects.

Through her experience, including across the community, residential, commercial, industrial and mixed use development sectors, Frances is acutely attuned to the operation of the development assessment system in Queensland.

Frances is passionate about creating high quality and efficient planning outcomes, and will leave no stone unturned in delivering for her clients.

Mewing Planning Consultants is enthusiastic about our future as we grow our team with highly qualified and passionate staff. We warmly welcome Frances into the fold.

Please contact Frances or Leo for any enquires.


Frances Cassaniti
+61 431 973 803

Leo Mewing
+61 421 780 354