Sectors and projects

Mewing Planning Consultants are involved in projects across a broad range of industry sectors, settings and services. Our experience across a diversity of sectors and settings allow us to provide quality outcomes through well-conceived and robust planning strategy and delivery. 

This page identifies the sectors that we regularly involved in aiding our clients deliver quality outcomes.

Mixed use

Mewing Planning Consultants has expertise in major landmark mixed use projects, and understands the land use interactions and opportunities that allow a mixed use outcome to be successful. Our experience extends from residential-led mixed use to mixed community and health facilities.

Retail and commercial

Mewing Planning Consultants has extensive experience in providing planning advice, preparing and lodging development applications, and assisting delivery of retail and commercial developments across Queensland. We are very knowledgeable about the planning and urban form aspects that enable retail and commercial developments to be successful.

Entertainment and hospitality

Entertainment and hospitality is a sector close to our hearts at Mewing Planning Consultants. We work hard and we party hard, and we therefore have a passion for assisting to create great entertainment and hospitality venues. We have assisted in planning applications, liquor licences, outdoor dining and other statutory processes necessary to creating a successful entertainment and hospitality venue.


Mewing Planning Consultants acts for industrial clients who require planning approval and Environmentally Relevant Activities for new or expanded industrial uses. Traditional industrial activities require a strong knowledge of both planning and technical elements associated with industrial uses and locations. In addition, emerging industries and industrial precincts require a innovation in industrial land use planning, of which Mewing Planning Consultants are at the forefront.

Residential – Infill and Greenfield

Mewing Planning Consultants is a leader in providing planning advice, preparing and lodging development applications, and assisting through to delivery of residential product across Queensland. We enjoy a diversity of experience in infill (multiple dwellings) and greenfield (subdivision) developments, from very small to very large scale of projects. That diversity provides us with an insight into what works (and what doesn’t), which can be applied across all sizes of projects to benefit developers, future residents and existing communities alike.



Residential – Alternative

From student accommodation, retirement and aged care, and short-term accommodation, to regional workers accommodation, Mewing Planning Consultants has extensive experience in providing due diligence advice and obtaining planning approvals for alternate residential forms. We have a strong understanding of the key planning matters associated with these alternate (and increasingly popular) residential outcomes.

Residential – Domestic

Mewing Planning Consultants is passionate and experienced in assisting local residents to create their dream home. Whether a new build, a renovation or an extension, we commit ourselves equally to a domestic residential project as to a major development project. We will visit you on-site, clearly identify planning parameters and opportunities, and strategise the appropriate planning process. As we are Brisbane City Council RiskSMART accredited, we can also deliver expedited planning approvals.


Generating positive community outcomes is of critical importance to our cities, towns and regions, and is a sector of our work for which Mewing Planning Consultants is particularly passionate. We have assisted in providing planning advice and delivering approvals for a range of public and private community outcomes, including child care, health, sports clubs, parkland and churches. Leo Mewing is also a representative on Brisbane City Council’s Inclusive Brisbane Professional Advice Alliance, which provides pro bono inputs to local community groups seeking professional advice. 

Strategic planning and public policy

Mewing Planning Consultants provides town planning services directly and in collaboration with other professionals to assist public and private entities to deliver strategic planning projects and public policy. Our expertise includes planning scheme drafting, local plans and neighbourhood plans, master plans, land use studies, infrastructure designations, infrastructure charges and local government infrastructure plan reviews, policy frameworks, and other strategic and policy projects.

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Botanic Residence

Residential – Infill and Greenfield

130 Sydney Street, New Farm

128 River Terrace, Kangaroo Point

Residential – Infill and Greenfield

128 River Terrace, Kangaroo Point

Stratton Terrace, Manly

Mixed use, Residential – Infill and Greenfield

Stratton Terrace, Manly


Mixed use, Retail and commercial

Valley Metro

Mixed use, Retail and commercial, Residential – Infill and Greenfield


Mixed use, Residential – Infill and Greenfield

Federal Residences

Mixed use, Residential – Infill and Greenfield

14 Maud Street, Newstead

Jubilee Place

Mixed use, Retail and commercial, Entertainment and hospitality

470 St Paul's Terrace, Fortitude Valley

30 Albert Street

Mixed use, Residential – Infill and Greenfield

30 Albert Street, Brisbane City

Barry Parade

Mixed use, Residential – Infill and Greenfield

Barry Parade, Fortitude Valley

Church House

Residential – Domestic

Agnew Street, Norman Park